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WebEx Web Conferencing - Attending a Meeting

The following documentation and training material has been designed specifically for Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Courts when attending a WebEx meeting. Those attending a WebEx meeting do NOT need a WebEx’s hosting account, only the person hosting the meeting needs to have an account.

Getting Ready - Preparing for the meeting

  1. Receive meeting information
    Prior to the meeting, attendees should receive an email containing the meeting information. It will include the date/time of the meeting, the meeting number, a meeting password (meeting passwords are now required for all meetings), a link to the meeting and the audio conference access code (if you opt to use a phone to listen to the meeting).
  2. Verify WebEx browser plug-in or download mobile app
    Prior to the scheduled meeting, test your browser by joining this test meeting: http://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html. Be sure to use the same workstation and browser you are planning to use for the actual meeting.

You may be prompted to download/install the Meeting Center plug-in that is used to attend the meeting if it is not already installed. If you are using a work computer, you may not have the administrative privileges to install the plug-in and will have to contact Data Systems via Email:ClerkIT.ServiceDesk@fultoncountyga.gov  to have the WebEx meeting center plug-in installed. If you have difficulty joining a meeting with one browser, try using a different browser as often one will work better than another depending on local browser settings (i.e. Firefox, IE, Chrome).

 If you do not have time or the correct privileges to download and install the Meeting Center plug-in, you should always see a link on the WebEx set-up screen that says ’Run a temporary application’ to join this meeting immediately. If you click that link the WebEx Meeting window will display without the plug-in being installed. See a screenshot of how this link might appear while you are trying to join the meeting.

If you need to participate in a WebEx conference from a mobile device (iPad, smartphone, etc.) download WebEx’s mobile app.

  1. Verify audio setup
    You will want to verify your audio setup prior to the meeting as this is not tested as part of the test meeting. We strongly recommend using a headset with microphone, or alternatively a laptop’s built-in microphone plus speakers works well. Only after joining the real meeting will you be prompted to setup the audio portion of the meeting and given the opportunity to test your computer’s audio setup (microphone and speakers). NOTE: Alternatively, you can use the call-in toll number provided in the meeting information, however remember that toll charges will apply.

Joining the Meeting

  1. Locate the meeting link 
    You will need access to the meeting link that was sent via email, an Outlook invitation Attendees that also have a host account (not all attendees do), you can see a calendar listing of meetings you have been invited to by logging into the WebEx site for your institution and clicking My WebEx. If the meeting is in someone’s Personal Room in WebEx, however, the meeting may not be listed.

    • Join the meeting
      If the host has not yet started the meeting, you may not be able to enter the meeting. Whether or not attendees can join before the host is dependent upon the settings applied to that particular meeting.


If you are joining from a meeting link, simply click the link and enter your name and email address, then click Join to join the meeting. If you are joining by entering a meeting number into the WebEx website for your institution (as above) on the Meeting Center - Attend a Meeting page, you will first need to enter the meeting number, then the meeting password. Then you can enter your name and email address and click Join to join the meeting.


Assuming you pre-tested your browser plug-in (as suggested in Getting Ready - Preparing for the meeting section above), the Meeting Center window will launch. This is where your online meeting will take place.

  1. Make Audio Selection
    Next, you will be prompted to make your selection about how you will participate in the audio portion of the meeting. You can choose the "Call Using Computer" option (assuming you have a headset, or can use the computer’s microphone and speakers). Prior to clicking the "Call Using Computer" button, you can test the speakers and microphone by clicking "Test speaker/microphone" found under the Call Using Computer button.

Alternatively, you can select the "Call Me" option and provide a phone number for WebEx to call you, or you can call in using your own phone. We highly recommend using the "Call Using Computer" or "Call Me" options, as there are toll charges that apply if you call in using a phone.


NOTE: If you are participating in the conference audio by phone, NEVER put the WebEx call on "Hold"- if your organization has background "on-hold" music, everyone on the call will hear it. The host will probably mute you and neither of you will necessarily know that when you return to the call.

  1. You are all set!
    Refer to the FAQ section below if you have questions while attending a meeting.



Refer to our FAQ document for answers to the following frequently asked questions:

  • How do I mute my microphone or phone?
  • How do I use chat?
  • How do I raise my hand?
  • What do I need to know if the host makes me the presenter?



Refer to the Contact Us link above for support.


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