Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Motto:

"People. Purpose. Passion." People Drive Our Purpose. Our Purpose Drives Our Passion. 

Our Mission: 

The mission of the Fulton County Clerk of the Superior and Magistrate Courts is to effectively carry out its mandates as the official custodian of all criminal, civil, Real Estate, the Board of Equalization, and other ancillary records, countywide in addition to providing support to various justice partners including members of the judiciary. We endeavor to consistently deliver on these mandates with precision, purposefulness, and passion - understanding that each filing is akin to the life, liberty, and/or property of those we serve.   

Our Vision:

To be ethical and transparent stewards of public records by delivering quality, customer-focused service through integrity and professionalism, while remaining committed to broad-visioned, innovative enhancements that ensure efficiency and effectiveness at their highest levels.

Our Guiding Core Values:

    Community Oriented

    Customer Focused






    Technologically Enabled