Meet Clerk, Ché Alexander

Beige Simple Photo Signature Twitter Profile PictureMeet Ché Alexander, a force of nature, bursting with energy and innovation. Her friends and colleagues can't help but be captivated by her vibrant personality and rock-solid leadership. Hailing from Atlanta, Ché proudly identifies herself as a true "Georgia Peach" and wears the badge of being a "Grady Baby" with immense pride.

Having navigated through the Atlanta Public School System, Ché emerged as a standout graduate from North Fulton High School, where her exceptional leadership skills and fierce competitive spirit were widely recognized and admired.

While Ché has excelled in both the public and private sectors, it is public service that ignites her true passion and purpose. Whether it's making a difference at MARTA, the Georgia Secretary of State's office, or within the corridors of the Fulton County Government, Ché has dedicated her life to helping others. Her executive leadership journey began in 2008 as a Chief Deputy Clerk for the Fulton County Clerk of Superior Court's Leadership Team, rapidly ascending to the role of Director of Court Services in 2010. By 2014, she had assumed the prestigious position of Chief of Courts Bureau, leading one of the largest, most dynamic, and fast-paced judicial support teams in the entire southeast region, serving the Atlanta Judicial Circuit.528847941(1)

Ché is not just an extraordinary leader but also a trailblazer. She is a founding member and Treasurer of the esteemed National Association for Court Professionals. Her commitment to empowering others extends beyond the realm of the legal system. She has actively served on the Board of Directors for Sisters Against Domestic Violence (SADV) and the Atlanta Board of Dress for Success. Drawing from her vast experience and expertise, she fearlessly embarked on a new chapter in 2018, establishing her own company, CHEckrein Consulting. Through her consultancy, she continues to uplift those often forgotten by society, guiding justice partners toward a more modern and collaborative future. Ché offers invaluable recommendations and strategic insights focused on organizational improvements, as evidenced by her remarkable success in overseeing the transformative “Jail Project” aimed at expediting inmate movement and reducing the backlog at the Fulton County Jail caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to her instrumental efforts, Fulton County clinched the coveted 2023 Fulton County of Excellence Award, with a staggering 63% reduction in the judicial case backlog and was also acknowledged in the June 2023 publication of the Georgia Trend magazine. These remarkable achievements, along with countless others, propelled Ché to be sworn in as the Clerk of the Superior & Magistrate Courts of Fulton County on June 30, 2023, to fulfill the remaining term of her predecessor.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Ché is a living testament to resilience and triumph over personal tragedies and obstacles. Driven by an unyielding spirit, she has defied the odds time and again. Inspired by her own journey, Ché made it her mission to document her story and share it with others. In her personal time, she embraces the role of mentor, engaging with young people, and delivering empowering speeches to youth groups. A die-hard fan of the Atlanta Falcons, she rallies behind her favorite football team with unmatched passion.

Ché’s unwavering faith in God fuels her fire. She attributes her fervor for public service and her dedication to youth empowerment to her firm belief in the potential of every individual. Through her experiences, she strives to impart the powerful message that, dreams do come true if you trust in God, believe in yourself, and tirelessly work toward your goals. In a concerted effort to encourage others by telling “her-story,” Alexander published her page-turning memoir titled, Climbing the Ladder on Broken Rungs.  

Her office’s motto, “People. Purpose. Passion (People Drive Our Purpose. Our Purpose Drives Our Passion),” which speaks to her engaging disposition (both personally and professionally), will serve as the beacon of light for her staff to follow as she sets a path to make the Fulton County Clerk’s Office “The office of the future.”

Get ready to be inspired by the dynamic and trailblazing Ché Alexander, as she fearlessly paves the way for a better future, both within and beyond the boundaries of the Fulton County Justice system.