Clerk's Office Initiatives

In addition to carrying out the mandated duties, the Fulton County Clerk of Superior Court has also taken on an active role in coordinating and participating in the various community events and initiatives to help eradicate crime, educate citizens and enhance the community as a whole. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our residents and in our community.

Take a look at some successful community initiatives that we are proud of:

  • “The People's Clerk" Television Show
  • Junior Deputy Clerk Summer Internship Program
  • Teen DADS Legitimation and Legacy Program
  • Metro Atlanta Colleges & Universities Partnerships
  • Fulton County School Crime Prevention Tour
  • Fulton County Senior Living Facility Tour
  • Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence Awareness Day

*For partnership opportunities, please contact Nicholas F. Cotten with the
Fulton County Clerk of Superior Court's Public & Media Affairs Division via email at